Know2Grow – Risk Assessment Board


Following the establishment of several operational changes in Know2Grow, a Risk Assessment Board was created, whose function is to advise Know2Grow in risk management, namely in business risk, reputational risk and legal risk.

This entity will evaluate internal and external risks, analyzing internal procedures and operational risks, as well as developing a risk assessment work on our clients portfolio, analyzing its structure and global and individual details.

It will also work as an Advisory Board on one-off situations between client and work team. It acts with full independence from Know2Grow management, and it’s work may have a consultancy or ordinance result to management.

The Risk Assessment Board is composed of Dr. Manuel Benavente, Chartered Accountant 146, and Dr. César Rodrigues, Chartered Accountant 6810. Both are extremely experienced Chartered Accountants, with several decades of experience in internal and outsourced accountancy, as well as having a distinguished academic career.