Know2Grow partnerships US Tax Consultants


Following a few contacts in the last few years, Know2Grow and US Tax Consultants jointed forces in order to provide American expats community in Portugal a specialized and integrated tax submission service both in Portugal and USA.

US Tax consultants was established in Spain in 1965, with offices in Madrid, Asturias and Rota Naval Base, in Andaluzia. According to Antonio Rodriguez, US Tax Consultants CEO, “in order to move on with this step it was important for us to make sure we can find a local trustful partnership, with someone with in depth knowledge of Portuguese tax system, and that partnership would only be possible with Know2Grow. We already had some contacts before and, after some exploratory meetings, it was clear we are totally aligned in the way we see our work, ethically and professionally. We’re very excited with this move!”

Luciano Rodrigues, Know2Grow’s CEO, adds: “There has been a growing demand from American expats in Portugal and, in last 2/3 years, American clients became prominent in our personal tax submission service. This partnership allows us to provide an integrated service of tax submission, both in Portugal and US, with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. This is only possible having on our side all the experience and knowledge of US Tax Consultants.”

Know2Grow é também US Tax Consultants

Besides the strong know-how on both countries tax system, it’s also important for this partnership to be using a state-of-the-art platform, centralizing information and communication between tax teams on both countries, as well as with client. This reduces buzz, increases efficiency, accelerating the process and improving the output.

We remind you IRS submission, in Portugal, lasts from 1st April to 30th June, while in US tax filing ends in 14th April.

Rui Mendes, Know2Grow’s COO, is the person in charge of this operation. There’s also a dedicated website to this partnership –, where all relevant info about this service is available.