Extraordinary Compensation


As you know, portuguese government decided to provide a compansation for residents in Portugal in order to face price increase due do inflation. That said, and generically, each portuguese resident whose annual income is under 37.500 euros (2.700 euros monthly) will receive a 125 euros compensation. Besides that, for each dependant further 50 euros will paid.

How to get paid?

If you live in Portugal and in 2021 your income was under the threshold, you’ll be automatically paid after the 20th October. In order to get paid, please update your personal IBAN both in Tax Office as well as in Segurança Social.


A couple which each member earns 1.000 euros monthly, and with 2 minor childs, will be paid 350 euros: 125 for each adult + 50 for each child. Eligibility is defined per person, even when there’s joint taxation of the household.

For further information, please check official information provided by Goverment.